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Feral Cat Hospice

Poor Nigel, he’s had a long life and fathered most of the feral cats that live in our colony. He was named by my neighbor and until then, we knew him as “the grey velour cat”. He is blind and needing to be close by because he could get lost going back and forth from our house to the neighbors. We would help him further but he won’t let us touch him and we don’t want to force him to do anything he doesn’t want at this point in his life. All we can do is feed him, try to keep him warm and comfortable and wait to see what happens. He is still eating so I don’t think he plans on dying soon.


The hard thing about having a feral colony is when one of them gets sick and they won’t let you help them. Most of our ferals will let you touch them but even if they do, anytime they have something wrong they get distant and we just have to watch to see if they get better.


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