Are You SureThese Cats Are Feral?

These cats are so friendly because of the care they get.  We do have a couple that still won’t let you touch them but that’s not the norm.  GreyStone is from the first litter, the one that we found on our doorstep.  Bear is from the next to last litter and he has a litter mate living with us inside, Tommy.  We call him Bear because his coat was so thick as a kitten and he had Bear eyes. We named GreyStone because the first winter he had a grey collar of fur around his neck that looked like a fur coat.  Now every winter his coat has splotches of grey in different places.  He is so loving and has a very soft mew.  He is also very vocal and if you listen you can hear his mew in this video. They both have very thick coats so we thought we’d have a very cold winter but that’s not the case so far.


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  1. My, my . . . can you say, “eight”???

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