A Surprise!

Remember when we got mother spayed the vet told us she probably had a litter of kittens that had just been born.  We were devastated being the “respect all life” people we are.  We were very glad to have caught Mother but we felt horrible that her kittens might die.  We kept her just overnight so she could recover from the surgery and hopefully get right back to her kittens.  We didn’t see her after we let her go for days and then one day she came to eat with the others no kittens in tow.  After that we saw her regularly but still no kittens.  We assumed they didn’t survive.  A month went by and even though she was a regular at feeding time we gave up on expecting to see her bring the kittens.  Then one day I was leaning over the railing and saw a little body scamper around the side of the house.  Hooray! the kittens didn’t die and soon we saw all three.

2 of the baby ferals

Here are two of the baby ferals.  The tabby looks just like our Missy and of course she had to have a black one.  The other little one is a tabby although short hair.  I will try to get a picture of it as soon as I see it again.  I took this from the railing on the porch as they are very afraid of humans at this point.


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