You never know what’s going to happen

Poor baby squirrels

This morning as I was putting seed into the bird feeder I noticed I didn’t see any feral cats.  Strange, since they had eaten recently and usually hang around before going off for the day in the woods.  Just then as I was staring down at the drive-way I saw one of them rounding the corner with something in its mouth.  It was little and grey and looked like a mouse.  I called to the cat to drop what it had but it ignored me and tossed the little critter in the air.  I saw it was still alive as it landed on the ground so I went outside to rescue it.  When I went out the front door another one of the ferals was coming around from the side yard with something in its mouth so I thought they had raided a mouse nest.  This time the cat dropped what it had and I got a better look.  It was a baby squirrel about 4 days old, hairless and bloody.

I picked it up in somewhat of a panic and went inside.  My sister was unloading the dishwasher in the kitchen when I got there and I pleaded for her to hold it until I could go get the other one I had first seen.  When I got back outside it was laying all by itself lifeless.  I picked its little cold body up and rushed it inside.  We ran warm water on both of them to warm them up and rinse off the blood so we could see the wounds and then wrapped them up and took them up to the only safe room in the house and put them on a heating blanket to get warm.  I made some pedialyte to re-hydrate them and gave it to them with a dropper.  They took it and started to warm up.  Then I called some animal rescue people but none of them could take any more squirrels they were overflowing.  One of them said we could bring them out to get some antibiotic for the cat bites and that would prevent infection.  We wrapped them up and took them out to AWARE about 15 miles away.  When we got there we saw why they couldn’t keep them, they had dozens of boxes filled with baby squirrels that were being fed every 3 hours. I don’t know how they did it…

On the way back home they got cold again even though my sister was holding them cupped in her hands.  By the time we got them upstairs and on the heating blanket they were barely breathing,  in a few minutes they were gone.  They had been so mutilated by the cats they couldn’t survive.  It’s times like this I hate being so close to nature.  I have a hard time with the killing even if it is a natural instinct.  I tell the ferals all the time if they kill something do it off property and don’t tell me about it.  I’m sure they listen.


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  1. barbara

    I feel the same way about nature. I love the beauty but am too squeamish about the violent side of it. And the same about cats. I love how beautiful and graceful they are but feel terrible when they catch something.

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