You remember Mama!

Big Mamma

The matriarch of all the cats…Well we finally caught her and took her in to get spayed this morning.  Hell-la-lu-ya!!!

She showed up for the first time this morning in about a month.  We were sure she was out getting pregnant again but she didn’t look like she was.  She was hungry though so we put the trap out.  First she just stood at the opening smelling the food but not going in.  Then she started eating the leftovers the other cats had left on the ground.  I picked up the plates so she wouldn’t have a choice.  Jim and I stood by while she meandered around obviously very interested but still wouldn’t go in.  The other cats were interested as well since they want to eat anytime there is food.  I went and got them some dry food and she followed me to get some but I told her no and took it further away to let the other cats eat.  She went back where the trap was and I held my breath.  Jim had given up and gone back inside when I heard the thump of the trap closing.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw she had gone inside…she must have been desperate to eat.  Well now we finally will have a stable feral colony and no more kittens.  Hooray!!!

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