Kit has passed away

Our big baby Kit at 16

Dear Kit, my special baby has passed away.  We discovered a fibrosarcoma on his right flank 2 months ago and the doctor said even if we had it removed it would return in a couple of months.  These cancers come from doing vaccinations under the skin, now they do it in the leg to prevent them.

He was the most gentile of cats and yes he is big, he weighed 25lbs.  The vet said he was just big-boned but he was a little overweight.  He was my baby and every morning he wanted to sit on my lap while I had my morning coffee.  There is a big space left with him not here he was so much a part of our lives.
During the last month of his life one of our other cats, Missy, started looking after him and would sit and lick him and sleep with him most of the day.  We called her “our little nurse”.  She really loved him as he did her.  I felt good that he finally had that cat love in his life as he never had a cat that was that close to him after his sister died.  Here they are lying on the couch arm in arm.

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