New kid in the house

Miss Precious has not had a warm welcome in our house.  As much as we wanted to rescue her from the chasing outside by the feral males the two females inside have continued it.  We thought it was because Missy and Smudge, our two inside females, hadn’t been neutered, so we got them neutered last week.  That didn’t help. They still they hunt her down and chase her.  Some of it is her fault because she runs away instead of holding her ground.  She is doing the same thing she did outside when the males would chase her out of the yard.  We’ve tried locking Missy and Smudge up in separate rooms for the night but they are at it again as soon as they are in the same room with her.  Kit, our 15-year-old male has a fibrosarcoma that is inoperable because of it’s size and the eventuality of it returning soon after surgery.  We are trying to make him comfortable and make a peaceful enviroment since he only stays in the middle of the living room floor under the coffee table in his bed all day and night.  Fighting whether it’s human or cat is stressful and even loud tv will run him out of the room.  There is always a discussion going on about how loud the tv should be.

Tommy before we adopted him

We decided to break it up with a new kitten and have adopted another kitten male from our colony.  Jim said it’s not like we’ll be getting another mouth to feed.  Here is Tommy,  he is the kitten that got bit by a snake or something on his neck and has fully recovered.  He came to trust me because I fixed his wound and now he has a new home here inside with us.  He is temporarily in quarantine  supposedly for 2 weeks although I don’t know how long that will last.  The only place we have to keep him with all the shenanigans going on upstairs is our basement office.

Are we crazy to think this will help the situation?  Time will tell.


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  1. When I come back in my next life, I’m coming back as your cat! Love you and what you do for the world.

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