Miss Cuf has passed away

Cuf on Jim's shoulder her favorite spot

Cuf passed away peacefully this morning about 9:30am.  She had a very fitful night last night and this morning Jim and I decided to end her suffering.  We took her to our new vet and they gave her a shot to calm her down and put her in a sleepy state.  After about 15 min they came in and took her in the back to put a catheter in her vein so they could administer the fatal dose of medicine.  When they brought her back I held her in my arms while she passed away.  This was a very hard decision for Jim and I but after seeing how much she’s suffered the last few days we wanted her to have a peaceful death.  She was peaceful and her spirit came home with us.  I know she will be sleeping beside us as usual on the bed tonight just in her spirit body.  We loved her so much and she was truly a wonderful cat.  We will miss her and so will all of the people who knew her.



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2 responses to “Miss Cuf has passed away

  1. OMG. Here I am blabbering about work. I thought your voice sounded strange, but didn’t ask why. I’m so, so sorry and share your grief. You did the peaceful thing. Love you guys.

  2. barbara mason

    I’m so sorry, Enid. I know well how hard it is to lose animal friends. Ours were always an integral part of our family and losing them was very hard. We had one cat put to sleep (horrible). Our other cat and our beloved family dog did us the kindness of not putting us through that again. I still mourn them all.

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