A Pop-in

Miss Precious lolling around

Miss Precious has been getting special treatment lately as she gets run off by some of the other ferals when she is around.  I’ve been feeding her on the front porch and sometimes sit with her so nobody bothers her.  The other day when I got home, packages in hand trying to open the front door, she bolted in ahead of me and ran into the kitchen.  I dropped everything to round-up our inside cats so they wouldn’t get into a fight and thankfully she headed into our downstairs bathroom.  I went in to try to calm her down but she was already climbing everything she could climb to try to get out and making a horrible howling sound.  Right then I knew I could never bring her in, no matter how much I feel sorry for her, she is so wild.   I locked the door and went to get the cat carrier so I could catch her.  When I got back and opened the door I fully expected her to try to bolt out but she was on the sink looking at her reflection in the mirror mesmerized thinking it was another cat, so I easily scooped her up into the cage.  On the way out of the house the other cats were very interested in what was going on in the carrier and as soon as I put it down on the deck and opened the cage she was gone.  I heard her run off the deck, jump into the woods and head off as fast as she could.  Later she came back to eat and acted like nothing had happened.  Now I know the ferals are untamable and no matter how much they let me pet them they can never come in to live with us.


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