Miss Precious

Ferals at Dinner

I feel sorry for Miss Precious.  She is the only cat left from the second litter; the one Missy and Smudge our indoor cats came from.  I didn’t think this was a problem with ferals as they all live peacefully in the colony but lately it has changed.  I watched one day as Tootsie, one of the black long-haired males from the next litter, chased her away.  Then I started to notice as this happened again several times over the next week.  She would be there for meals but instead of going back in the house to get warm after eating she would slink off to the wood pile next door.  I tried a couple of times to pick her up and put her in the house so she could get warm but eventually she got run off again.  I don’t know what the dynamics are and can’t understand what she could have done to warrant this change in behavior.  I have been feeding her special treats on the front porch when I see her and try to make over her more so she still feels connected to us.  I hope this will blow over soon.  She seems so isolated.



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2 responses to “Miss Precious

  1. barbara mason

    Maybe there is something wrong with her and the male cats don’t want to breed with her. Has she been neutered?

  2. Everyone has been spayed except the mother so I don’t think it’s that. Maybe they will forget about it in time.

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