Killing Season

The ferals get a wild look in their eyes after a kill.  For days they skulk around with bloody bibs.  A couple of weeks ago GreyStone had frozen dregs on his bib that stayed for several days.  I felt sorry for him and hoped the others let him in their house to get warm.  His mew is so wispy for a black, long-haired feral cat.  So slight, it wouldn’t get him noticed unless you knew he was there.  Long hair cats don’t make good ferals.  They’re always messy.  I can’t imagine putting a comb through GreyStone’s hair, he’s doomed to have wild hair for life. The short hairs have it easier and their fur is usually a lot cleaner looking.

Trixie Clean

Trixie with bloody bib











Trixie had blood on her bib last time she had a kill.  I didn’t see the kill but she kept showing up bloody with dirt in her nose and smelling like something dead.  At first I thought there was something wrong with her and I tried washing her off with warm water.  I was surprised she let me do it.  That was the last time I got close to her while they were feasting on the kill.  Here is a picture I managed to get even though she kept hiding from me.  Now she is back to being cleaned up and allows me once again to pet her.


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