Big Mamma

This is Mother.  We noticed her several years ago lurking in our side yard.  We never thought too much about it since there were no stray cats around and we thought she belonged to someone in the neighborhood.  We used to chase her away because we allowed our inside cats to go on the deck and didn’t want any altercations.  Only after she left a pile of kittens on our front porch did we realize she must have been feral.  She is now part of the colony and has all the privileges; after all she is their Mamma.  We are very concerned because we haven’t been able to catch her to get her spayed although we have tried for 2 years.  She doesn’t rely on the food we put out and when she is here she is usually hissing and growling.  She upsets everyone when she shows up.  The Grey Velour Cat was in tow this morning for breakfast and she looks pregnant again.  He is also on the list to get neutered…


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