Snow Update


The blizzard snow pack

Well we still have snow pack on the ground after 5 days and the temperatures are not letting it melt so I think we’re stuck with it for a few more days.  The ferals are fine although a little confused with all this white stuff on the ground.  We see them outside tip-toeing around trying not to get their feet in the slush.  Yesterday I watched Flip, one of the males, slide down the front lawn because he couldn’t get any traction. We ventured outside for lunch yesterday to see what the streets were like in our neighborhood and a lot of them were still very slippery.   The snow pack is slick and shiny like stretched taffy because after the snow stopped we got a day of freezing rain.   

The ferals have cabin fever like us and are eager to get back into the woods to do some hunting.  I’m sure hanging out around the house all day is not their preferred lifestyle.  They are happy to see us and want to be petted (the ones that will let us pet them) when it’s dinner time though.  At least they have a warm habitat and food when they want it. 

Greystone taking a walk in the snow



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