The Story Begins…

“Hey Enid, there is a bunch of kittens sleeping in a ball on the front porch, Jim says!”  Right I think.  It’s 9am and Jim just got back from his walk – he’s joking with me.  With such a weird comment I have to go look.  Sure enough there they are.  My instincts to protect them come over me and I get a large box and try to corral them into it.  Well they will have none of that and they all head for cover.  What are we going to do now since we can’t catch them? All we can do is watch from the deck and leave food for them and their mother.  The story begins here.  That was over a year ago and its time I document this wonderful, yet awesome responsibility keeping a feral colony.


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  1. “Tell me a story” are four of the most powerful words in any language, and everyone, ferals included, has a story to tell . . . just ask Mark Twain! Thanks for sharing.

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